WIBL 2016

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WIBL 2016 is cancelled due to venue double booking :(
Tuesday evening trainings in BACA are still on whilst we look at alternatives! Check the Brighton Ultimate Facebook page


An indoor, 5v5 Ultimate Frisbee league


Every Thursday starting on October 13th, running for 9 weeks


BACA indoor hall, on the outskirts of Brighton - map - within walking distance of Sussex / Brighton Falmer campuses


You, sir! No prior experience necessary, sign up with your friends as a team.


For fun! You'll also get better at frisbee


Get some friends together and sign up your team!

Sign ups get £10 more expensive per week every Sunday. Currently £100 per team!

To secure this week's price you must transfer before Monday!

Rostering rules
: If you have 5 rostered players able to play, you cannot pick anybody up. If you have less than 5, suggest a potential pickup player(s) who you think have similar ability to the player(s) you are missing to the opposing team's captain. In the case of a dispute, be prepared to suggest an alternative. Players are allowed to be rostered for more than one team.

Week 1: October 13th 2016

Week 2: October 20th

Week 3: October 27th

Week 4: November 3rd

Week 5: November 10th

Week 6: November 17th

Week 7: November 24th

Week 8: December 1st

Week 9: December 8th


BACA - Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

WIBL 2015 news archive

Final WIBL 2015 report!

What a WIBL! Absolutely thrilling Finals Night, kicking off with the epic battle of Discrimination vs Dark Side of the Force - Dark Side being the more experienced team, looking to get revenge for their tight loss in week 1. Both teams looked shakey at the start but really pulled it together later in the game, Zack bringing down the discs that were put up for enough scores to get Discrimination the 5-3 victory!

Eenie MM Hammer then faced Dolls & Goon in another really tight match, nothing between these two teams but it was young-looking-Rossi's day as EMMH captained by Ed Noon took the last point to get the 8-7 victory.

Brighton Up v Turtle Heads up next, and although Bumfluff was on great form, pulling off between the legs push passes and all kinds of inexplicable moves to get the disc to the right place at the right time, Brighton Up were also very strong throughout, and got a turnover in sudden death to get the 8-7 win and 5th place.

Smash & Grab didn't click tonight, and in the 3v4 against Cut Under Next Time they didn't do themselves justice Cut Under grinding out their offence so that the oldies on S&G lacked energy to be their creative selves on their O. 7-2 win for Cut Under, who take 3rd place, only losing to WTF throughout the season.

Next up was the Final of WIBL 2015 at BACA sports hall! WTF vs Hamclap. Ashley Yeo was on form as always, bringing down some high discs early on in the game, but Hamclap were getting a strategic advantage by covering the end zone carefully and forcing many passes from WTF, which would occasionally give them a turnover. Hamclap were a couple of points up, but then Frank managed to throw some very Ash-friendly discs, Ash getting a run-up and skying everyone in spectacular fashion. Enter 5-5 sudden death, Kim gets a point block on Callum on the very first pass, WTF work it around and then Jack forgets about Rachel behind him, who is found with a knife throw for the winning point! WTF are champions of WIBL again - 2 years in a row, 3rd time in total!

Thanks to everybody for making WIBL an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, many thanks to all those who helped out with filming / timing / scoreboarding, sign up to BIDL and we'll see you next year!
Merry Christmas!

2015 Finishing Positions:

1. WTF

2. Hamclap

3. Cut Under Next Time

4. Smash & Grab

5. Brighton Up

6. Turtle Heads

7. Eenie Meenie Meiny Hammer

8. Dolls & Goon

9. Discrimination

10. Dark Side of the Force

11. Frisbeasts


Here are the spirit winners for each category:

Hamclap (Rules Knowledge & Use)

Smash & Grab (Fouls & Body Contact)

Brighton Up / Dolls & Goon (Fair-Mindedness)

Frisbeasts (Positive Attitude & Self-Control)

Discrimination (Communication)

WTF: WIBL 2015 Champions

Pre-Finals Night report!

Last week saw upsets in BOTH of the 1-4 semi finals! First up, favourites Cut Under Next Time faced WTF, but very quickly WTF showed they were serious about holding onto their WIBL title. A few unforced errors from Cut Under, plus a much debated call where Mannings tried to jump into the end zone past Charlie but ended up fouling him, resulting in a turn over, meant that the game went into sudden death. After several minutes of intense, exciting play - with the sideline packed - Frank saw the opening to scoober to Ash Yeo for the winning point!

Next 1-4 semi saw Hamclap get an early lead over Smash & Grab, 1-0 after a point lasting several minutes containing many sloppy turns. Hamclap's new vert stack offence worked well for them despite missing Christian and Will Seth, and although S&G put their first point in very swiftly, they weren't able to capitalise on the few turnovers they squeezed from Hamclap. Hamclap with an impressive 5-2 victory!

This means the FINAL will be between WTF and Hamclap, with Cut Under and S&G facing off in the 3v4.

In the 5-8 bracket, Brighton Up secured their 5th place playoff spot with two wins over Dolls & Goon, and Turtle Heads looked much calmer than previous matches, breezing to a 10-4 win over Eenie MM Hammer. This means it'll be Brighton Up vs Turtle Heads in the 5v6 (6-5 to Brighton Up in the group stages!), and D&G v EMMH in the 7v8 (5-5 in group stage!).

At the bottom of the table, Frisbeasts played their last game of WIBL 2015 against Dark Side, who will face Discrimination in the 9v10 (finished 6-5 to Discrimination when they met during the first week of the league!)

Tomorrow's games will be followed by celebrations in The Druids pub!

Week 6 schedule!

Loads of interesting exciting games this evening! Dolls & Goon and Discrimination are both fighting to stay in the 5-8 bracket for semi-finals next week, currently tied on points. D&G have a chance for a win against EMMH, but tougher matches against S&G and WTF. Discrimination might have a shot at Brighton Up, but will have to pull something special out of the bag to get a draw or victory against S&G or Cut Under Next Time.

Brighton Up and EMMH aren't in the clear yet either - only 1 point ahead of D&G/Discrimination, every game involving these teams is important!

Cut Under Next Time will be seeking to be responsible for S&G's second loss of the season in an exciting 8pm battle at the top of the table. WTF and Hamclap face off at 20:40, potentially to decide who will have the easier semi final next week!

Mid-season report!

More than half the group games are completed, so it's time to take a mid-season look at the table and see how things are shaping up for the semi finals!

Top of the pile are Cut Under Next Time, who have conceded an average of 3 points per game. Brighton Up only lost 6-5 to them, and Hamclap also had a respectable 6-3, but it looks like this formidable lineup are already cementing their place in the final.

Next up by my calculations are Smash & Grab - despite losing to WTF they are showing they're a force to be reckoned with, with 4 wins out of 5 games, and only Cut Under left to play from the whole top half of the table. WTF also have only one loss - to Cut Under - and Brighton Up squeezed a draw out of them... they will have their sights on securing a semi final spot, and then turning up the heat for the knockout games.

Despite challenging the top dogs, Brighton Up lost some crucial games early on against Hamclap and Eenie Meenie Miney Hammer, which could come back to haunt them when it comes to calculating the semi final spots.

Hamclap are getting stronger by the week, and this weekend will be playing indoor regionals together so will no doubt find their routine. With losses only to S&G and Cut Under, their match on week 6 against WTF could be crucial, but there's a fair chance both teams will progress to the semi finals ahead of Brighton Up.

Eenie Meenie Miney Hammer are somewhat of an unknown quantity still - having lost to S&G and Cut Under, drawn with Discrimination and beaten Brighton Up, their games against WTF and Hamclap will determine whether they have a shot at semi finals.

Next tier, the 5-8 semis, are hotly contested. 3 places up for grabs (behind Cut Under / S&G / Hamclap / WTF / Brighton Up) could go to any of Eenie MM Hammer / Dolls & Goon / Turtle Heads / Discrimination.

Critical games to watch which may decide the 5-8 spots: Turtle Heads vs EMMH on week 5, and EMMH vs D&G on week 6. Discrimination have chalked up points with draws against Turtle Heads and EMMH which might be enough to see them through, but if they or Dolls & Goon can secure an upset against Brighton Up then it'll likely guarantee either of their spots in the 5-8 bracket. With most of their games played, Discrimination have to be hoping D&G don't clock up any more points if they're to beat them into 8th place - Turtle Heads have yet to play Frisbeasts, so are likely to jump up in the rankings. If Discrimination draw against Brighton Up in week 6 then things could get very interesting indeed!

Frisbeasts have clocked up 7 scores, six of them in their first week! If they can get the same turnout they had in week 1 to their remaining matches, they should be able to steal one or two from WTF / Turtle Heads / S&G - scoring against those teams would be a great achievement so definitely something to aim for. Dark Side narrowly missed out 5-4 to EMMH this week, and 6-5 to Discrimination in week 1, and have some tough matchups remaining against Hamclap, Cut Under, and WTF - so will likely be playing a rematch against Frisbeasts in the 10v11, for a spot in the 9v10 in finals week!

Week 4 schedule!

Loads of games this week!

Here's how the table looks currently, with all kinds of different number of games played by everyone.

There are loads of potentially close games being played this week - Dark Side vs Frisbeasts, Brighton Up v S&G, WTF v Discrimination, Hamclap v Dolls & Goon - plenty of exciting games to watch!

Week 3 schedule!

There have been plenty of changes to the week 3 schedule (and week 4), so make sure you're not looking at an old copy:

This week's Spirit Focus Category is "Fouls and Body Contact" - taken from the WFDF Spirit Of The Game score sheet:

2. Fouls and Body Contact

Examples: They avoided fouling, contact, and dangerous plays.

Excellent score:

 There were several clear cases of thoughtful contact avoidance

 They played in a style that avoided the potential for both fouls and unnecessary body contact

Very Good score:

There was at least one clear case of thoughtful contact avoidance

Good (normal) score:

Nothing significant occurred beyond incidental contact

Not so good score:

 The amount of non-incidental body contact was a bit too much

 There were a few instances of dangerous or reckless plays

Poor score:

 Even after repeated calls they continued to have the same foul or contact issues

 There were several instances of dangerous or reckless plays

 They made little effort to avoid body contact

Week 2 report!

Another exciting week at BACA! Dolls & Goon were centre-stage for the first two games, winning them both - 7-3 over Dark Side of the Force, and 7-5 in a close match against Discrimination where the freshers on Discrim' faced up against a zone for the first time, yet quickly figured out how to exploit its weaknesses - the match was tied until very late on!

Cut Under Next Time set a WIBL'15 record for most points scored in a game, getting 16 to Frisbeasts' 1.

Smash & Grab then took the stage, matching up against Hamclap. Hard running from the Mohawks first team led to some tired mistakes from S&G, and the tight marking prevented S&G's usual playstyle from working. Dan Cozens had a huge game, getting grabs and blocks on Will Seth - S&G went up 6-3, Hamclap brought it back as S&G tired, but it was too late and the oldies took the game 6-5. Likely we'll see a rematch here later in the season!

Cut Under Next Time then faced WTF in WTF's first match of the season (a tough game to start with!). Spoon vs Ash Yeo was a great battle to watch, the boundaries of how much physical contact is acceptable were being pushed, Spoon doing a great job to contain Ash, but Ash getting the occasional important grab. Cut Under Next Time only turned over twice during the game, making it very hard indeed for WTF - final score 9-4 to the current table-toppers, Cut Under Next Time.

Last match of the day saw Discrimination up again, this time against Turtle Heads (Fluff, Felix, Evil, Toto and Rolls). The Turtles went up early but Discrimination kept stepping up the pressure, forcing some mistakes and punching the scores in after effective fakes to get Turtle players biting in the end zone. Discrimination went 8-7 up, Turtles got one back with seconds to spare, meaning the game finished 8-8 - an incredible result for the freshers on Discrimination (5 of their players = 5 months experience in total, 5 Turtle Head players = 50 years experience in total).

Week 2 schedule

Exciting games this week include: the fresh team Discrimination, still buzzing from their victory over Dark Side, will be facing a new challenge in the form of Dolls & Goon - seeded just above them. Oldies Smash & Grab go up against the keen Hamclap, in what should be a tightly fought match between two teams of very different styles. WTF make their 2015 debut, immediately facing the undefeated & strong-looking Cut Under Next Time, who will no doubt fancy their chances to upset the 1st seeds and reigning champions, providing they can contain Ashley Yeo. Turtle Heads also have their debut match, against the freshers on Discrimination - most of Turtle Heads probably haven't played Ultimate in the last month, whereas most of Discrimination have started playing Ultimate only in the last month.

Shaping up to be an exciting week!

Week 1 report!

WIBL 2015 kicked off in BACA last night with plenty of exciting and dramatic scenes. Hamclap's offence looked a little shaken up by Brighton Up in the first game, but came through to win 8-4, and was much tidier against Discrimination which they won with a clean sheet.

Brighton Up showed their strength by beating Frisbeasts 13-2, reaching the highest score of the evening. Frisbeasts had a tough day as they also lost 12-1 to Discrimination - good things to come from them later in the season as these new players improve quickly.

Discrimination, despite not scoring against Hamclap, came out hard against Dark Side of the Force (so basically freshers vs Mo 2) in a game which had a £5 bet between Zack and Chun riding on it. Dark Side went up 3-1 before Discrimination found their stride, bringing the scores level at 5-5. Both teams dropped the disc in the end zone near the end of the game, adding to the excitement, and there were some insane plays - like Jack James reaching over Dan's shoulder to pluck a disc out which everyone had thought Dan had clap caught. It wasn't to be JJ's day in the end though, as the disc slipped through his hands with seconds to spare, and Dan brought it down in the end zone for the win! Discrimination 6-5 over Dark Side!

Smash & Grab were a mixed bag, attempting plenty of audacious plays and sometimes getting away with it (Felix invert wristhook -> Edgars greatest -> Nolan mac -> Felix layout catch), taking games against Eenie MM Hammer and Dark Side relatively comfortably, whilst Eenie ended with a thriller of a game against Brighton Up, trading points the whole way until a 7-6 victory to Eenie when the final whistle blew!

Videos coming soon!

SPIRIT FOCUS: (Submit Spirit Scores here)

For the first five weeks we'll be focusing on one category of the Spirit Of The Game score sheet per week, as defined by the WFDF. Have a read through the various examples provided by the WFDF so that you get a better understanding of how self-officiation in Ultimate works!

1. Rules Knowledge & Use

Examples: They did not purposefully misinterpret the rules. They kept to time limits .When they didn’t know the rules they showed a real willingness to learn.

Excellent score:

 For the level of play they showed excellent knowledge of the rules

 They abided by the rules throughout the game

 They explained the rules we did not know very clearly, efficiently, and in a way that added to our joy of the game

Very good score:

 For the level of play they showed an above average knowledge of the rules

 There was at least one case where they helped us learn some of the rules we did not know

Good (normal) score:

 For the level of play they showed good knowledge of the rules

 They did not purposefully misinterpret the rules

 They kept to time limits

 When they didn’t know the rules, they showed a real willingness to learn them

Not so good score:

 For the level of play they showed a general lack of rules knowledge

 They disregarded or purposefully misinterpreted the rules during the game a few times

 They were resistant to being taught rules or elements of SOTG

 They didn’t keep to time limits

 They were Offside during pulls even after an initial warning

Poor score:

 They repeatedly exhibited poor knowledge of the rules

 They often disregarded or purposefully misinterpreted the rules

 They refused to learn details of the rules and SOTG

WIBL 2015 Week 1 schedule released!

Full schedule is available here (subject to change)

WTF and Turtle Heads have a rest week this week. Plenty of teams will have back-to-back games and/or 3 games in an evening this season, so make sure you check the schedule in full before playing your first game!

Rostering rules: If you have 5 rostered players able to play, you cannot pick anybody up. If you have less than 5, select pickup player(s) who you think have similar ability & matching gender of the player(s) you are missing, and confirm this selection is OK with the opposing team's captain. In the case of a dispute, be prepared to suggest an alternative.

2014 News Archive

WIBL 2014 is over!

Finals week kicked off with a battle between the Brighton Uni and Sussex Uni freshers - it was close all the way but Huck Buddies (Sussex) took it in the end, 6-4 and 9th place. Next was the battle for 7th, which saw Jusdisc League taking down All Things Brighton Beautiful 6-4. 5th seeds Black Hawks Down succumbed to Pickup in a game which featured this memorable play, so Pickup took 5th.

In the playoff for 3rd place, Knifecrime came up against Dolls & Goon, though D&G were clearly feeling the loss of Toby & Meg as they lost 9-4, #KNIFECRIME taking the bronze.
Next up was the Final, Smash & Grab vs WTF. S&G went up early, but WTF fought back valiantly, and brought the scores level with a minute left and S&G on offence. One crucial turnover later, some very tense moments outside the S&G end zone, and finally Frank pops a knife up to Ash, who skies S&G in true Ashley Yeo fashion for the score and the win, 10-9, congratulations WTF!

WIBL 2014 Champions - WTF

Videos from WIBL 2014 can be found here!

Including this memorable play, which went worldwide via Brodie Smith's channel.

See you next year!

WIBL 2014 Final Standings:

1. WTF

2. Smash & Grab


4. Dolls & Goon

5. Pickup

6. Black Hawk Down

7. Jusdisc League

8. All Things Brighton Beautfiul

9. Huck Buddies

10. Panthers

11th December


Tonight sees the final matches of WIBL 2014!
First up, for 9th place, Huck Buddies face Panthers in a battle of the freshers, both of whom have improved incredibly throughout the season. What a fitting beginning of the end!

Next, ATBB and Jusdisc League are fighting for 7th - Jusdisc League suffering a loss to Black Hawk Down last week. BHD are fighting for 5th against Pickup, and in the 3rd place playoff we have #KNIFECRIME vs Dolls & Goon.

Then, at 2020, comes the FINAL OF WIBL 2014 - Smash & Grab vs WTF. S&G will likely be missing Mental, but still have plenty of firepower with Edgars, Tom, Waggle, Felix and Nolan being the most regular attendees. Will WTF come out victorious again? Will Ash score all the points of the final like last year? All will be decided tonight!

19:00 : (9) Huck Buddies v Panthers (10)

19:20 : (7) ATBB v Jusdisc League (8)

19:40 : (5) Black Hawks Down v Pickup (6)

20:00 : (3) KNIFECRIME v D&G (4)

20:20 : (1) S&G v WTF (2)

27th November

DRAMA last week at WIBL, as Dolls & Goon took exception to the rules of the Pickup team, which, after several minutes of dramatic discussion, resulted in Mental having to sit out the game! D&G took a convincing 5-0 victory and, combined with their win over ATBB, have vaulted up to 2nd in the table with 1 game left to play - vs S&G next week.

Smash & Grab are 3rd after beating a spirited and fighting Panthers team 11-3, with 3 games left - playing Huck Buddies and #KNIFECRIME tonight.

Jusdisc League and KNIFECRIME had a great battle last week, in a tight tight match which ended with DRAMA as Adam caught the disc on the hooter and a big debate started up about whether he was in or out of bounds when he took off / landed. Brew-dawg (also heavily involved in the DRAMA of D&G v Pickup later) had a good position on the sideline and ultimately it was her opinion which swayed the players, meaning Adam was OUT and the game finished 8-8. Exciting dramatic stuff.

Jusdisc League had a thriller earlier too, beating ATBB in the dying seconds 8-7. JL have played all their group games now and are currently 4th in the table - likely to be  overtaken by KNIFECRIME if they can win one of their three remaining games - although heavy losses against S&G and Pickup tonight would mean they could finish up lower on points difference.

WTF continued their strong showing and confirmed their place in the Final with a 7-3 win over KNIFECRIME last week. They will be joined in the final by D&G, S&G, or KNIFECRIME, depending on the results from tonight and next week!


19:00: Pickup v All Things Brighton Beautiful

19:20: Black Hawks Down v Panthers

19:40: Smash & Grab v Huck Buddies

20:00: #KNIFECRIME v Pickup

20:20: Black Hawks Down v Huck Buddies

20:40: #KNIFECRIME v Smash & Grab

20th November

Last week saw Huck Buddies get their first win, a very tight one against the Panthers, who are mostly also freshers - so no doubt the battles seen on the pitch will be repeated for many years to come!

Panthers also lost out by just one point again to All Things Brighton Beautiful, who now have three wins under their belt and 7th place in the table. WTF continued to win after their draw in the previous week to Smash & Grab, realising now that points difference could be very important and storming to 14-6 and 12-3 victories over Black Hawk Down and ATBB. Dolls & Goon had a strong week, with wins of 12-4 over Jusdisc League, and 8-4 over Black Hawks Down.

The table is still hard to read due to the lopsided number of games played, but WTF are top , S&G second (but if they win their games in hand they will be drawing with WTF), then D&G, KNIFECRIME and Jusdisc league tied for third, KNIFECRIME having 3 games in hand and D&G having one - so they may well overtake Jusdisc League.

Games to watch tonight: Jusdisc League v KNIFECRIME, WTF v KNIFECRIME, and D&G vs Pickup!

3rd November

Current table is now worked out on the google doc, linked above under 'SCHEDULE'!

#KNIFECRIME currently topping, but S&G close behind with a greater points difference and a game in hand... WTF in 3rd with same pts and games played as S&G, then Jusdisc League / D&G / ATBB all on 4 points, with JD+D&G having a game in hand over ATBB.

Current schedule for this week, stay tuned to Facebook for updates:

19:00 Jusdisc League v Huck Buddies

19:20 WTF v Panthers

19:40 Huck Buddies v Pickup

20:00 WTF v Smash & Grab

20:20 Smash & Grab v Jusdisc League

20:40 WTF v Dolls & Goon

Week 1 report

Smash & Grab 12 v 4 Black Hawks Down

Pickup 9 v 3 Panthers

Black Hawks Down 8 v 9 Jusdisc League

Dolls & Goon 5 v 2 Huck Buddies

WTF 9 v 7 Jusdisc League

Black Hawks Down 5 v 7 Pickup

#KNIFECRIME 9 v 1 Huck Buddies

WIBL 2014 kicked off last night, and undoubtedly the game of the evening had to be Black Hawk Down v Jusdisc League! Jusdisc's first ever point was simply insane - a low throw across the endzone for a score was blocked by Jonny running back to help - blocked by being kicked up into the air - the disc went about 15 foot high and right over to the far edge of the pitch, where Adam was running up the line and able to jump in for the score. Madness! It was a really tight game where Jusdisc had a very slight edge and managed to hold on for the victory.

Dolls & Goon had Ste as their goon, and although he dropped one or two in the endzone, he also d'd a few knives, although the dolls were also skying quite a few Huck Buddies. HB scored 3 points in the day but showed plenty of potential as Christian led the drive - Callum with an injured shoulder this week brought out some lefty throws.

Rossi led the Pickup charge, Mike Cowburn and Ed Noon being absent this week, they did well with two wins, against Panthers freshers and Black Hawk Down.

#KNIFECRIME had a shakey start but showed they're able to score quickly when needed, getting 9 against Huck Buddies.

Smash & Grab started with just 4 players but ended with a healthy 6, and scored the most in one game - 12 against BHD.

WTF were in a very tight game against Jusdisc League, edging it out 9-7, but certainly had plenty of strength on their roster which justifies their 1st seed coming into the league.

Next week (subject to change):

19:00 Black Hawks Down v All Things Brighton Beautiful

19:20 Jusdisc League v Panthers

19:40 WTF v Huck Buddies

20:00 Jusdisc League v Pickup

20:20 Huck Buddies v All Things Brighton Beautiful

20:40 WTF v Pickup